From The Beginning

Prior to social media making culinary arts a trending topic, my grandpa and I would discover the newest neighborhood restaurants and explore the Long Island dining scene. I gained an early appreciation for good customer service, delectable dishes, and fellowshipping with loved ones over appetizing cuisine. 

Nichola Hines - A Dining Diva

A Passion For The Industry

My passion developed further for the food industry, as I grew out of my adolescent. I became fascinated about how a restaurant came up with their idea for the bar top, decided on that particular uniform for their associates or why this restaurant is the hot new place to be. But mainly I was more interested about the décor, cleanliness and my overall experience with a restaurant than anything else.

By the time I reached my 20’s, I was using my Zagat guide more than the movie guide.  I would explore the city restaurants with zest and zeal informing all of my friends about my findings.  During this time, I started a monthly brunch club so that I can share my dining experience with my friends.  I began traveling the world documenting everything and every place I dined.

After a couple years of working at different jobs/industries, I found it to be a natural fit to go into the Food and Beverage industry.   I have an extensive background in the hospitality industry with over 17 years of experience. I have worked for major food and beverage companies such as Carlson Restaurants (TGIF – Corporate Locations), Levy Restaurants (Sports and Entertainment) and Delaware North (Travel and Hospitality). Along working with brands such as Jim Beam, Terrapin Beer, 40/40 Club and Food Network to build restaurant presence in the Atlanta Airport.

I hold a Dual Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Social Science (emphasis in Economics) and Sociology from University of Southern California. I also obtains a professional diploma in Restaurant Management from the Art Institute of New York. And I’m also a Certified Hospitality Department Trainer (CHDT), from American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute.

I believe this is a journey that I was meant to take and  I don’t want you to miss it.


A Dining Diva