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Memorable food and beverage experiences brought to you by a culinary expert and skilled mixologist

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Discover the art of pairing wine with barbecue and explore its intricacies with our expert sommelier April of Vino Vinho Wine, who will guide you through a carefully curated selection of premium wines.
In celebration of Juneteenth, join Nicky and Let’s Graze for a memorable afternoon filled with cocktails, camaraderie, and the art of creating beautiful charcuterie boards.
A champagne brunch is more than a combination of bubbles, breakfast, and lunch. Champagne, is known as a celebration drink and can be enjoyed on any special occasion. For some

Dining Experiences

Dinner experiences in unique spaces let you channel all the senses, not just your tastebuds, while taking a journey of local goods and excursions.

Culinary and Cocktails Demonstrations

Mixology and food demonstration are a fun, out­-of­-the­-box way to engage you with family, friends, co-workers, and employees in a casual, social (and socially distant) environment.

Creating Adventure through Food and Drinks

Food & beverage expert Nichola Hines emphasizes the details and education of every aspect of food, drinks, and entertaining, so that it is not just about eating and drinking but about a fabulous dining experience.

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