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FLIGHT * FOOD * FUN – Uncover a world of authentic, mouthwatering food.

Food brings people together. It anchors you in the present moment. Food is one of the great reasons to travel. Some say that the best way to get to know a place is to sample its local cuisine. Entire trips can be planned around Kyoto’s many ramen shops or the hawker centers of Singapore. Travelers can spend vacations seeking out the fufu of Accra or the mint tea of Marrakesh, the mole of Mexico City, or the ceviche of Lima. And is any trip to New York City complete without a bagel, or a trip to Paris finished before sampling at least a dozen or so croissants? That’s why years after a trip, you can still remember the taste of fresh, juicy olives in Italy, the sweet taste of the maple syrup from Canada, or the fragrant smell of pho simmering on the stove in Vietnam.

Food Market with World Flags
A Dining Diva - Travelers Enjoying a Meal

Our tours are created with the culinarily curious in mind, our food and beverage excursions are one part culture, one part adventure, and three parts delicious. We’re going to DINE in the most edible cities. We’re going to WINE in the most luscious countryside vineyards. And we’re going to GATHER at some of the busiest airports.
With small groups of 10–22 travelers, these hand-crafted trips introduce you to destinations and their cultures through cuisine and beverages. We create the tours so that they feel like traveling with a knowledgeable friend. And even though our tours are about the local culinary scene we also include an enjoyable and exciting slate of activities during the tour.

Bring your appetite and your passion for travel and uncover the story of your destination through the lens of food as a once-in-a-lifetime culinary tour you won’t forget.

Join a once-in-a-lifetime culinary tour you won’t forget.

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