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Our philosophy is to gather good memories which is the best way to be happier. In the right hands, food and beverage are much more than a combination of ingredients served on a plate or a glass. It tells a story, it’s a demonstration of culture, and in some exemplary cases, it’s a full-blown adventure.  At A Dining Diva we go the extra mile to curate gastronomic experiences that create lasting memories. We will channel all the senses, beyond just your tastebuds, while taking you through a journey of local goods and travel excursions to go along with your meal.

We have created experiences with the belief that friends, family, and even strangers can have a bond of kinship through good food and great beverages

We do pop-up dinner experiences throughout Atlanta’s most unique spaces. Our signature five course dinner is prepared and served fresh along with the appropriate spirit for the evening. We leave plenty of time between courses to joke, laugh, and have a great time with guests. Being social and active is part of the celebrated experience. Rushing is not allowed, so be prepared for an experience that will last throughout the evening.

Do you love A Dining Diva dinner events? 

With a private dining event all you have do when you hire A Dining Diva is greet and say goodbye to your guest as we provide the food, decorations, beverages, and all serving ware for the event. Unlike our competitors, we emphasize the details and education of every aspect of food, drinks, and entertainment, so that it is not just about eating and drinking but about a fabulous dining experience.


We are happy to accommodate parties of any size, from two up to as many people as your space will hold.

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There’s nothing like solving a problem together to build camaraderie and community in a group. Especially when the problem at hand is mixing up delicious cocktails and fabulous food!

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An additional $50 will be added per person to bookings with less than 6 people.